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Welcome to my website

Writer. Artist. Voiceover Artist. Survivor.

Welcome to my website

Welcome to my website. I am thankful for the opportunity to share my story.
I am happy that you will be able to venture out into the other pages I have on the web, with just one click.

You can jump into the page you prefer and see what new happenings are there.
This will enable you to catch up with me in any of the ways I try to encourage, inspire and talk to visitors.

The areas you have probably scouted are the Painting, the Podcast,
the Author, lastly the Sleep Initiative App.
This has been an exciting time for me these past few months into 2020.
I found a catchphrase I really like for my mission
“We Stand & We Strive”
It felt so right this month saying those words, as we celebrate Women.
I am so very happy about having found ways of expressing my passion, my gifts with others.
If only to remind someone out there that it is never too late.
That one small or great thing you can do will enable the Spirit of someone.
Just do it!
You may never find out what your action has achieved in another person’s life.
But know that the Universe has acknowledged your heartfelt actions.

So I look forward to saying a few words every couple of weeks.
To share the achievements of that time and tell you about plans I am probably putting in place.

I hope that you will comment and I hope that I will help you feel your need to move into your gift, and manifest your purpose in some small way.

Thank you for being here.
We’ll talk again

Arlene McGuire

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