Atlanta,GA ,USA

A One-of-a-Kind Voice

Writer. Artist. Voiceover Artist. Survivor.


an amalgamation between her island origins, a surprisingly low octave, and a bit of playfulness Arlene operates in her most authentic passion when she is in front of a microphone. 


voiceover artist & narrator

Arlene’s voiceover credits include News Reporter on the Reggie Gay Show and PSA narrator at Community Radio WRFG. She was also a premier audio-book narrator in the Vertical Reading Room and can be heard as the Voice Imaging Artist and Voice of the Suite on the Urban Sound Suite. Other voiceover gigs include Black Country Radio and Twilight Soul Radio. She was also the resident voiceover artist on Sensational Sounds Radio. After graduating from Atlanta Broadcast Institute, she produced her own show on WGOV Atlanta. Taking a leap into the podcast arena; Arlene recorded her first book into a podcast series, entitled Quiet Moments. It will be available on Radio One, iTunes, and other platforms.