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The Alexis Collection

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The Alexis Collection

Hello to you all!!! I am very thankful for your continued support during these months that I have been missing in action.

Covid19 has dealt us all a harsh blow that I am hopeful will be abating soon.

Well we can dream!  I do believe that we will be drastically changed in its wake.

Mostly I am thankful for being here to experience our new beginnings. 

I have not been doing much painting, writing or recording since July.

There are a few Voice Over recording projects that have been put on hold. 

Shortly I will be back to continue those readings for my FB Page as well as my PodBean podcasts and my Guided Sleep App endeavors.

I went to California to give care to my Daughter Alexis, when she was released from Acute Care after her recovery from a Stroke. 

The report on her progress is a good one. By the time you read this she should be out of managed care and doing therapy at home. 

I have had to return home due to another emergency at my home.

My artwork was being created for my Grand & Great GrandChildren.

Now however, my daughter is in need of financial assistance.

I decided that I should dedicated a body of word for sale to her:

is called The Alexis Collection. 

Every week she was in the hospital I made a new piece, from March to July,2020.

I would like to invite you to view this work at my web store page:  or there is a link from my website

I am hopeful that you will find a piece you will purchase. 

Please know how thankful I will be.  

Your contributions from these sales will be used to purchase at home stroke therapy equipment for Alexis.

Over time, I hope to expand the collection with the sale of Caps and Tea Shirts.

I hope you will return in the future.

Continued good health to everyone. 

Those who are reading this and are struggling, 

I hope your turnaround will be very soon.

Those who have lost family and friends, I pray the comforter will come to lift you up.

Let us continue to make every attempt, to love each other unconditionally a little more

every day.


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