Atlanta,GA ,USA

Renaissance Woman: Writer. Painter. Voiceover Artist. Survivor. [OLD]

Writer. Artist. Voiceover Artist. Survivor.

The years came and went until her first year of retirement was at an end. It was not enough to sit around. So the challenge to find something productive awakened a true renaissance woman. Meet Arlene McGuire Author, Poet, Painter, Voiceover Artist, Survivor.

The Writer. Prompt one: looking at old poems she had written over the years. They sat quietly on a computer file entitled “Poems.” The second prompt: mourning the loss of her mother. So many topics arose throughout the remembering of the last few years. Therein lay the words that became poems with matching stories. And with it, a new adventure, “how to go about this idea of publishing.” Knowledge attained, in 2017, Arlene published her first book, “Hanging Out In The Quiet.” Her second book, “Beyond the Moon” will be available on January 2, 2020.

The Artist . For Arlene, painting supports the times of respite or boredom. She works with various types of media and acrylics, oil paints & alcohol inks. Abstract in nature, Arlene’s visual art is like the artist, off-center, abstract, and one-of-a-kind. Arlene says, “this is not fine art.” No, it is not, but it is art in its purest form, creation solely for the sake of creation. A reminder that creation has no rules, and we are all entitled to create what we want without apology. And in classic Arlene style, September 2019 marked 5 years of art manifestation with a one-woman exhibit at Mark Squared Studios in Georgia.

The Voice. Gifted with a unique voice, an amalgamation between her island origins, and a surprisingly low octave register, Arlene operates in her most authentic passion when she is in front of a microphone. Arlene’s voiceover credits include News Reporter on the Reggie Gay Show and PSA narrator at Community Radio WRFG. She was also a premier audio-book narrator in the Vertical Reading Room and can be heard as the Voice Imaging Artist and Voice of the Suite on the Urban Sound Suite. Other voiceover gigs include Black Country Radio and Twilight Soul Radio. She was also the resident voiceover artist on Sensational Sounds Radio. After graduating from Atlanta Broadcast Institute, she produced her own show on WGOV Atlanta. Taking a leap into the podcast arena; Arlene recorded her first book into a podcast series, entitled Quiet Moments. It will be available on Radio One, iTunes, and other platforms.

The Survivor. In 2018, Arlene fought and won a tiresome battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma extra Nodal Cancer. She came back with a renewed desire to help her fellow person. She uses all of her gifts and talents – author, poet, painter, voiceover artist, survivor – as conduits to encourage people to live in the space of gratitude and creation. The telling of her story serves to bolster the message and acts as a template for others to begin again or to get started.